What’s New?

 2017 is turning out to be the best year yet.

The highlight of 2016 was Joni Mitchell – The River at the Grand Theatre in London.   The best way to describe the show was that it was a theatrical concert featuring the vocal talents of Emm Gryner, Louise Pitre and Brendan Wall.   The band was MD Greg Lowe out of Winnipeg, Tony DeLuca on keys/sax and Stephan Szczesniak on drums/percussion.  I thought is was going to hard to better that in 2017.

I think the highlight of 2017 will be playing a few tunes on Emm Gryner’s record as well as playing on The LYNNeS record.   I’ve worked with Lynne Hanson but it was first time I had met and played with Lynn Miles.   It was also the first time in a long time that I’ve recorded directly to tape at Dave Draves studio in Ottawa.   After listening to the early mixes I’m happy with what I’ve done and I think the LYNNeS are too.

There have been some great live opportunities the summer as well.   I played Home County Music and Arts Festival as well as the Goderich Celtic Festival with Rant Maggie Rant.  I played with biggest stage of my life at the Ottawa Bluesfest with Lynne Hanson.

Heading in to the fall, October is a quiet month.   I can get back to practicing again.



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  1. Loving the show in Kemptville.

  2. Can’t wait for The River!

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