How I became nicest bassist. Part 3

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Thankfully there have been more opportunities to play with Emm throughout the rest of 2010.   The next gig was Canada Day in Stratford as support for Steven Page of unclothed ladies fame.   That was the day before Emm’s show at Hugh’s Room in Toronto.   Now that was a bit of a surreal experience to say the least.   Emm added a few more tunes to my to do list and I got those under my fingers.  A bit easier this time but now the bar seemed to have been raised just a tad by going from the London Music Club to Hugh’s Room in Toronto.   There were also going to be some super secret guest singers on the gig.   Perhaps the funniest story from the night would be about meeting one of those singers.   I was given a set list but wanted to check something with Emm before show time so wandered up to the green room at Hugh’s.   Actually more like a green cubicle that nobody else was using.

  • Emm:  Steve, have you met Marc Jordan?
  • Steve: Ummm, no.  (Yes, that Marc Jordan)
  • Emm:  Marc, this is Steve Clark, bass player to the frickin’ stars.
  • Steve: Hi Marc.
  • Emm:  Marc will be singing with us tonight.

And that pretty much sums up this night.   I was part of an amazing evening, not just going to a show.   Emm was stunning and it was a treat to play bass for Marc Jordan and Kalan Porter as well.  Here’s a YouTube clip from the Hugh’s Room show.

Don’t tell anyone but I sat listening to my iPod for a while to remind myself where the tunes went before show time.   Call it nerves, call it being prepared.  Either way it worked it well.   We did some more shows including a CD release show in Sarnia and London for Gem and I, her new album as well as a Canada Am TV appearance and Friday Live guest spot on Jian Gomeshi’s CBC radio show Q.   Pretty cool don’t you think?   Now go buy a copy of Gem and I.   Emm’s got a baby and a husband to feed and clothe.

Click to hear Q podcast

Click to buy Gem and I

I’ll finish with one more funny story which, if you caught one of the shows then you’ll have heard already.   When we were sitting in the Q studio waiting to do the next tune I commented on Emm’s Twitter posts.   She I asked who I was on Twitter since there was no Steve Clark following her.   I mentioned that my day job was Young Drivers of Canada.   She paused and looked puzzled for a moment and then said, “You taught me how to drive.”   So now I’m not only the bass player to the frickin’ stars but driving instructor as well.

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