My son, the metal head.

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My son and heir is Sam Cooper Langford Clark.   The long name sounds a bit like old money but sadly he and we are not.   In fact he’ll probably be from substantial debt rather than new money.    It’s shocking to me that he’s now 16 years old.   With every year that goes by I understand my parents more and more.   When I moved out of their house they made more sense.   When Holly and I bought  our first house I understood them more.   When Sam came along everything clicked into place.   It’s still a marvel to me that he exists.

Sam at 16 - rock star!
Sam at 16 - rock star

As all good parents do we tried to introduce Sam to music at an early age.   There was the violin closely followed by the cello and then there was a bit of a lull for a while.   When Sam was young I hadn’t started playing again.   But when I did we introduced him to playing bass and that lasted for a while.  He still plays bass in his high school percussion ensemble as well as drums but more on that in a minute.     Guitar was the next instrument and he still plays that but the instrument of choice is now drums.   And what better way for a father and son to find common ground than as a bassist and drummer?   I wish I had bought one of those small kid drumsets for a Christmas or Birthday years ago although what we did get was Rockband.    I don’t know how you feel about it but it was a perfect way for Sam to find a path towards playing the drums.

A couple of years ago I found a good deal on a used drum kit and without him knowing I went to get the kit in Guelph one cold January evening.   I love doing things like this.  Spare the rod and spoil the child I say!   I got back to the house and walked in carrying a Sabian cymbal bag.   The look on his face was priceless.

I think some people must think we are a little crazy having a drummer pounding away on a kit in the basement below the TV room.   But it’s all music to our ears.  His metal band Psychopathy have a few gigs under their belt now.   I’m not sure that I get the growly metal vocal thing but they are great to watch live.   They’ve got all the moves down and my son has way more self confidence than I had at the same age.   Quite the extrovert drummer on stage.    The only downside is that he can play drums quite expensively.   Cymbals seem to last a finite time at the hands of my little rock star.   The best moment at a gig was his China cymbal finally giving up and a half moon shape broke right off of the cymbal.  The next thing I knew the piece of cymbal was between his teeth as he laid down the groove.   Awesome.

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