Jeff Berlin’s Blues in E :: Chord Tone Solo

I came across this YouTube clip from Jeff Berlin.  Jeff gives his view on using the blues scale over all the chords in the 12 bar blues.  At the 2:30 mark Jeff plays through the 12 bars using only chord tones.  

I transcribed the short solo so that you see where Jeff places the chord tones.  I think he sounds great even if the last couple of bars get a bit funny rhythmically.  The guy has monster chops.   The link will take you to a copy of the the transcription.  


After the pick up to bar 1 Jeff plays a descending E7 arpeggio ending on C# leading to bar 2 where he plays an ascending A7 arpeggio leading to 2 bars of E7. In Bar 4 Jeff implies a Bmi7 / E7 to get to the A7 in Bar 5 and 6.   You could write in the ii mi/V7 chord symbols in bar 5.   In bar 9 and 10 Jeff repeats a motif starting on the 3rd of each chord.  Towards the end of bar 11 the rhythm  is a bit off so I transcribed as best I could.  I’m open to suggestions but you can see the notes are chord tones for the most part as Jeff finishes the 12 bars.

I’ll work on Jeff’s chord melody intro at the beginning of the video and post a transcription later on.

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