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From time to time the internet surprises me.   About 6 months ago I joined the Berklee Bass Department group on Facebook.  I didn’t go to that school but there were interesting posts by students as well as the faculty.  In particular Steve Bailey, using the name Berklee BassChair, was posting on a regular basis.   Steve runs the program these days and the faculty includes folks like Anthony Vitti,  Victor Bailey, John Pattituci and Lincoln Goines.  I’m also learning about other faculty members and grads.  Even Victor Wooten and Leland Sklar pop in from time to time to post.

Imagine my surprise when Berklee BassChair reposted a recent blog of mine, Things I Didn’t Know Before I went to Music College.   This resulted in an all time high of daily visits to my blog of 259 users.   Not only did Steve find my website, he actually took the time to read through to an old post. He also read through the few transcriptions I have and as you see in the screen shot below pointed out a rather glaring error.

It’s amazing to me that someone of Steve’s calibre would take the time to go through my site and offer some suggestions for improvement.  The internet is a limitless resource with opportunities to connect that would not have been possible a few years ago.  Strangely more than a few musicians I know don’t use social media.  Why they would let opportunities for moments like this pass them by I’ll never understand.

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