Pattitucci and Sklar in conversation.

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If you are like me you are a fan of music and the musicians who make it happen.  I’m also a fan of shows that go behind the recording of a record where the engineer or  the producer take apart the different track and show you how the record was put together.

I came across this conversation between two icons of the bass. John Patitucci is one of the giants of both electric and double bass in the jazz world.  Leland Sklar is one of the most recorded session bassists in the world today.  Their discographies represent a who’s who of popular music and jazz.    It turns out that they are both really humble guys when they talk about themselves or each other.  If find most people who are established in the industry are all like these two.  There’s no room for jerks.  Lee Sklar even wished me happy birthday on my Facebook wall.

If you’ve got some time to listen there is definitely some good advice about the role of the bass player in music.

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