Anthony Vitti’s Forgotten Grooveyard.

Anthony Vitti is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music and now part of the faculty at Berklee.  He’s put together a series of videos he calls The Forgotten Grooveyard.  He’ll bring in a guest bassist who could be another faculty member or a student and they will play a groove together and improvise over the bass line.

There is so much to learn from each video.  Everyone’s sense of time and note placement while playing with a click is a workshop all on its own.  This is what bass players do. You can get a close up look at different players approaches to the bass line and their technique.   Occasionally we get to step into the spotlight and take a solo and there are lots of examples to listen to in the Forgotten Grooveyard.  

I’ll be spending some more time with these videos lifting the bass lines and solo ideas.  Hopefully I’ll write some out and post on the blog.  In the meantime go to Anthony’s YouTube page and watch and listen to some great bass playing.

Here’s a taste with Anthony playing with John Patitucci.  John lays down a tasty, funky groove.

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