John Clayton’s practice routine

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10379560_548272301951341_2682430276530011947_oI came across this post via the Berklee Bass Department page on Facebook.   John Clayton posted his practice routine.  He says, “Tuesday Tip of the Day: It works best for me if I have a Practice Routine. They change, depending on my schedule, the current projects, etc. I stay open to editing the list—maybe working on something lead me to another thing, maybe I have extra time and can add to the list, or I may have listed more things than I can handle. Anyway, this is what I’ll be doing for the next couple of weeks…”

There are a number of comments following his post.  Todd Coolman sums it up nicely with his comment.  “Note to students: The “pros” are not busy practicing the, “secret stuff.” Instead, it’s all about the grits and gravy. Forever. Just do the work! There are no short cuts…ever. John Clayton…..are you copying off my routine sheet”

I should go practice!

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