A Summer of Good Intentions

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One of the highlights of my summer was playing the Home County Music & Arts Festival and the Kemptville Music Festival with Lynne Hanson as part of her band The Good Intentions.   I’ve played the Home County Festival several times over the years so it was great to be back there again sharing a stage with Lynne and the wonderful guitarist Dan Artuso.  Lynne writes some great music with Murder Ballads that are full of confessional lyrics and the tunes are great to play.  I get to do a lot of different musical things but I would have to say my favourite musical experience is to work with songwriters who have something to say.   There’s a new song we played that brought a tear to my eye on a couple of occasions. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 10.56.05 AMThe Kemptville Festival was on another level entirely.   First of all the headliner for the evening was Blue Rodeo so no pressure to perform with an audience anticipating the talents of Blue Rodeo.   It was great to play a big festival stage with a brilliant crew.  They were especially helpful when I had some cable issues both at sound check as well as the changeover for Lynne’s set.  No panic there when you have no sound minutes before you’re supposed to play.

The Good Intentions Band for this show was Nick Gauthier on guitar and Philip Shaw Bova on drums.   I met Nick the night before the show when we had a quick run through of the tunes.  I met Philip at sound check but right away it felt like we had been playing together for years.   Below are some video highlights from the show.   By the way, have a look at Philip’s mixing and mastering credits.  Quite a list.  Lynne is off to record in Winnipeg this month.  I’m really looking forward to hearing what becomes of the new songs that I had a chance to play at these shows.

IMG_4146My last show with Lynne was a house concert on Howe Island in the 1000 Islands.  A short ferry ride took me to an amazing home and wonderful hosts.   The view was spectacular.  Lynne and Shawn Killaly, the drummer on this gig, stayed in a cottage on the property that is the original building from 1816.  I felt like I’d stepped on to a movie set.   This was my second gig with Shawn.   we actually met briefly at the Dakota when I first played with Lynne.   Our first gig together with Lynne was late last year.  I have to say I was most impressed with Shawn.  He knew every tune cold.  No notes.  Same thing for this gig.  I’m not sure if he even had a set list.   Amazing.

The shows were great and so was the hang.  What more do you need?  You could buy Lynne’s music at her Bandcamp site!

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