Your 2020 bass player?

2018 was one of my busiest years since I returned to playing in the mid 2000s.   In the lead up to 2018 there were  some great gigs at venues like the NAC in Ottawa, the River Run Centre in Guelph as well as clubs like Hugh’s Room and the Cameron House.   There were shows with symphony orchestras on Vancouver Island, Windsor and Stratford and pit bands for some great theatre bass books including Mamma Mia and Jesus Christ Superstar.  There were summer shows at Home County Music and Arts Festival, Goderich Celtic Festival, Sunfest and Ottawa Bluesfest.  

2019 was a quieter year with less travel.  While there were opportunities to play close to home there were fewer opportunities to play bass with some artists who tour regularly.  No doubt the cost of touring with a full band is part of the story.  I tried to adopt the mindset that if I was playing a show I was happy but if I was at home on my porch I was happy too.    

2020?  There are certainly local opportunities to work on playing locally as well as work on my jazz-like noises.  There are a couple of theatre bookings already including Fun Home.  But now that I have had a chance to be around the house a bit more, what I’d really like to be doing in 2020 is travelling and touring more.   

So with that in mind here are some details about your potential travelling (or local) bass player for your 2020 shows.   

  • I play electric and double bass. 
  • I’ve played everything from jazz to blues to country to indie pop/rock to theatre.  
  • I have great time.
  • I can play for the song whether it needs whole notes or 16ths.    
  • I can read quite well if you have charts. 
  • I can prepare my own charts/cheat notes for gig. 
  • I show up prepared.  
  • I listen.  
  • I have a US and Canadian passport.  
  • I can put you in touch with artists for references.  I’m sure they would say good things.
  • I want to tour and travel.  

Let’s chat.   You can reach by email:

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