Paul Aitken Trio

I get to play with a few different singer songwriters. There is not a lot I like more than adding bass to song with an artist who has something to say in a song.

However my life goal as a musician is to play improvised music and make a coherent musical statement as a bassist. The Paul Aitken Trio or Aitken|Clark|Peacock is one of those groups where I can experiment and learn about this thing called jazz. This trio along with 5PGB and Mike Wood are some of the most satisfying gigs that I have. I often say that if all the other gigs went away but I could still play with these musicians I would be happy.

Here are a couple of videos from the first Trio show. Comments and criticism are most welcome. Stay tuned for future dates.

Welchz Grape – Greg Koch

Blues for Los Angeles – Bill Frissel

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