A demo turns into a 800k views.

My son Sam went to Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Art program few years ago.   During one of his 3 years he asked me if I would come in and play bass on a track one of his classes was working on.   I think I was more nervous on that gig than any before or since.  We were both thinking, “I hope Dad doesn’t f**k up!”   I remember doing a few takes including one where the headphones fell off in the middle of the take.  I’m sure that was going to be the best take.   

The song was written by Cat Clyde, one of Sam’s classmates, and I hadn’t thought about the tune until the other day when I was talking to Fred Lewis, a local guitar player in this part of Southwestern Ontario.   He talked about a new artist that he really liked for her songwriting and mentioned that I was on the record.  Surprise.  I think this is the only video on YouTube that I have a connection to that has over 800,000+ views.   The song was released in 2015.    

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