Bike Bio

I started riding my bikes more than ever when Covid landed in 2020. While some people ride 100s or 1000s of kilometres in a month, I’ve gone from almost no riding at all in 2019 to over 2000 kilometres since March. I had Outspokin Cycles, my favourite local bike shop, make changes to one of my bikes but wanted to find out more about making those changes and tune-ups on my own. A Google search led me to the Winterborne Institute in Guelph. At the time they weren’t offering courses due to the pandemic but in the summer they started up again. I signed up for the Park Tool School weekend course and learned some of the basics of maintaining my own bike. This course was a test to see if I was good enough to take the Pro Mechanic course. I signed up for the ‘Pro Course’ as soon as I had finished the Park Tool School.

The Pro Mechanics course was one of the most intense programs I’ve done in years. I was in class from 9 until late afternoon most days. The evenings were filled with reading from The Barnetts manual, answering homework questions and prepping for the next day. I learned a huge amount of information and could apply that to my bikes but I needed to get experience ‘wrenching’ on more than my two bikes. Luckily in London we have the Squeaky Wheel Bike Co-Op operated by London Cycle Link. This is a great place for me to apply the skills from the Pro Course and learn from Wyatt. You can find me there most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I’ll also be doing tune-ups from home. If you are interested in finding out more send me a message via the contact menu. My goal is to get experience though the winter and into ’21. If I could work at one of my favourite local bike shops and play music that would be a great way to live.