Bass Bio

I started playing bass when a high school friend said he needed a bass player.  Soon after I was in my first gigging band Section Eight and being snuck into bars since I was underage. We actually did quite well culminating in a show presented at the El Mocambo by CFNY FM.  Kevan and Gary from that band went on to play in a Juno nominated band King Cobb Steelie while I went to Humber College to study jazz performance.  I would love to have been part of a band like KCS but Humber played a huge part in making me the musician I am today.  I certainly couldn’t do some of the gigs I do without the Humber background.

After graduating from Humber I started a career at Young Drivers of Canada. I ran a Young Drivers’ franchise for 20 years, selling the business in December 2010. I did not play bass during the early years as a YD franchise owner but in the mid 2000s I picked up the basses again. You can see a list of who I’ve played with on the Friends page.  

Just the Facts!

  • I’m a graduate of the Humber College Jazz Program.
  • I can read, have a decent ear, great time and feel.
  • I do my homework.
  • I have a reliable car.  Safe driver.
  • I have a US and Canadian Passport!
  • I don’t have a day job so can be anywhere, anytime.
  • I play double bass and electric basses.
  • I use great sounding basses and amplifiers.
  • I’ve played intimate club shows, large festivals, national live radio shows, theatre pit bands, jazz ensembles and with singer songwriters.
  • Theatre Shows: Fun Home, Mamma Mia, Joni Mitchell – River, Cabaret, Legally Blonde, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Bat Boy, Starmites, The Drowsy Chaperone.
  • Happy to play whole notes or 16th notes as needed.    


  • Darren Powers – False Bravado 2020
  • My Singing Monsters/Big Blue Bubble 2019
  • Phil Glennie – 2018
  • Emm Gryner – Only of Earth –  2018
  • The LYNNeS (Lynne Hanson Lynn Miles) – Heartbreak Song for the Radio – 2018
  • Rant Maggie Rant – Latitude – 2016
  • Stringbone –  2016
  • Jocelynn Rasmussen – Singing is Praying Twice
  • The Willows – Demo
  • Renee Card – 2016
  • Aaron Allen – 2015
  • Leah Morise – 2015
  • Rant Maggie Rant – The Green Album Live at Hugh’s Room- 2013
  • Marty Kolls – 2013
  • Beyond Our Shores – Light of East Ensemble – 2009
  • Road To Freedom – Karen Schuessler Singers – 2009
  • Sharon Beeler – In a Slow Groove – 2008
  • Simply Joy – Believe in a Better World – 2008
  • Leah Morise –  2006

The highlight of 2017 was playing a tune on Emm Gryner‘s record as well as playing on The LYNNeS record.   I’ve worked with Lynne Hanson but it was first time I had met and played with Lynn Miles.   It was also the first time in a long time that I’ve recorded directly to tape at Dave Draves studio in Ottawa.   I’m happy with how the record sounds.  I have a copy of the record on vinyl too.  That’s a first for me.

In 2018, the LYNNeS record was nominated in 5 Canadian Folk Music Award categories.  The only other artist with that many nominations is Buffy Saint Marie.  Miles and Hanson tour mostly as a duo but occasionally they add drums and bass.

In 2019 you can find me playing bass with Deni Gauthier, Rant Maggie Rant, 5PGB and the Paul Aitken Trio.  I left my Long & McQuade bass lessons position but am available for lessons at my home in London for interested and motivated bass players.