Some records I played bass on:

The LYNNeS – Heartbreak Song for the Radio playlist

Emm Gryner – Something Tells Me

Phil Glennie – Wake playlist

Rant Maggie Rant – Latitude playlist

String Bone – Love and Highways playlist

5PGB playlist

Marty Kolls

Karen Scheussler Singers

Solo Bass Experiments

Shimmer is a an experiment with my bass and an Eventide Space pedal.  I enjoy creating sounds that don’t sound like a bass.

All Bass 1 is another experiment with my pedal board.  All the sounds are made with my bass through an Eventide Pitchfactor and TimeFactor except for the drum loop.

My Spanish Lullaby is my bass with no effects with chords changes, bass line and melody on three different tracks.

Light of East Ensemble

Lamma Badda Yatathana in 10/8 with Light of East Ensemble

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