Franc, Facebook and life coming full circle.

Franc Rota and I played in the Oakville Minor Football League on a team sponsored by Syd A Vince Insurance.   When I came to Canada, after playing the gentler sport of rugby in Scotland, I really wanted to play ‘American’ Football.   My Aunt Norma had sent me Minnesota Vikings fan gear so I wanted to experience the game.   At one practice early in the season the team met and there was a player on the team who was busy running laps of the White Oaks High School track.   That was Franc.   I have a memory of Franc saying it was a punishment of some sort but I’m not sure he remembers this.

The fact that someone was actually following through on some sort of punishment on a weekend when nobody would have known if he did it or not struck me that Franc must be a stand up guy, even as a teenager.   Continue reading