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Jason Raso Interview

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Jason Raso is a bassist, composer and educator from Guelph, Ontario.  I can’t remember when I first came across the name.  It might have been through the videos he’s done with Ultimate Basses in Guelph.  He and Dave, the owner of Ultimate Basses, will test my Fodera dream basses and share the experience on video.

I admire what he is creating for himself.  He’s writing music and releasing records on his own label Moped Records.  He’s putting together shows at venues like the River Run Centre in Guelph as well as reaching out and playing with some of the heavy hitters in Toronto.   I picked up his most recent record Slingshot as well as a Moped Records T-shirt and asked Jason if he’d be open to answering a few questions.   Here’s the result of that mail exchange.

The-Jason-Raso-Quartet-SlingshotDo you come from a musical family?  If yes, who played which instrument?  Mom and Dad musical?  If parents not musical where did you start?  The reason I ask is that I’m the first musician in my family as far as I know.  Having everyone sing Happy Birthday can be awful.

My parents are not musicians but they certainly love music. My two brothers are also musicians (guitar and drums). Music was always playing in the house. My older brother started on guitar and we all followed suit. My parents were and continue to be very supportive. Read More