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Ground Control to Major Tom

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There can be magic moments when you play music.  It might be a special venue or a moment when you feel like you can do no wrong when you are playing.  Both can be quite rare especially the latter!   Other times it’s the people you meet and get to play with.   I’m lucky enough to work with singer/songwriter Emm Gryner from time to time.  I’ve lost count of how many albums she has released under her name and to watch her perform on stage really is one of those magic moments.

Last year Emm and Chris Hadfield released a version of Space Oddity.  Emm played the piano parts and NASA sent those to the International Space Station where Chris recorded his vocals.   Emm played in Bowie’s band for a time and he gave permission for them to release the track.

So one of my magic moments for this year was playing Space Oddity on a live show with Emm and Chris.