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A great bass line is the sum of all the parts that make a great bass player.

There is Technique.   If you haven’t worked on your right and left hand and the coordination between them you won’t be able to get that bass line out of your hands and onto your bass.  Your technique will let you put that note right where you want to.

There is Tone.  Yes, it’s partly the bass and the amp but mostly it’s your hands.  See technique.

There are the notes that you choose to play.  The notes are what you hear in your head.  The notes come from your knowledge of theory and harmony.  The notes come from every bass line you’ve ever listened to.

There is Time. You have to put the notes in just the right place.  Right on the 1? A push?  Ghost notes?  On an 1/8, 1/16  or another division of time.  Exactly where  you meant to play it.  Not ahead or behind but right in that intangible place that bass players call the pocket.   Can you hide the click and make it swing? Read More